The Ultimate Guide To Buying Creed Aventus For Her

Hello Everyone, In today’s post, we will talk about Creed Aventus for Her . Which kind of fragrance and which kind of notes are used in this fragrance? Should you buy it or not? I have given the ultimate guide to buying Creed Aventus For Her .

Aventus is a Paris based designer fragrance house of Creed. The fragrance was released in September 2016. Aventus launched many fragrances, and one of the most popular is Creed Aventus For Her .Creed Aventus For Her is a women’s fragrance.

Creed Aventus For Her

Aventus for Her Creed

One of the most compliment getup perfumes for women is Creed Aventus of Her. This is a fruity, woody, citrus and powdery fragrance for women.

Mostly women want to smell fruity and fresh fragrances. Many YouTubers have also made videos about it. In this fragrance, there is good projection for at least three hours, and when you apply on cloth, then the longevity is twenty hours. After one hour, the dry down is smooth, powdery and very classy. This is the best cologne for summer and you can also wear in light winter.

Aventus for Her Creed is a very versatile perfume for women. You can wear it to a party or the office, and if you’re looking for a date night fragrance, this is it.

If you wear this cologne, you will undoubtedly receive compliments, and people will ask what cologne you are wearing because it has a very distinct fragrance.

Aventus For Her Creed

Creed Aventus for her Notes

Top Notes:- 

Green Apple, Bergamot, Lemon, Patchouli, Violet, and Pink Pepper

Middle Notes:-

Sandalwood, Musk, Rose, and Styrax 

Base Notes:-

Amber, Peach, Black Currant, Ylang-Ylang, and Lilac

Creed Aventus For Her Notes

Dupes of Creed Aventus for Her

Many brands make clones of Creed Aventus for Her at a cheap price, and the fragrance is almost identical to the original because Aventus for Her is a luxury designer perfume with a high budget.

If your pocket doesn’t allow for this, don’t be discouraged. Here are some similar fragrances for her.

Ukiyo by Oakcha

Ukiyo has a similar drydown to Aventus for her, but the surprise twist of pine. Upon the first spray, the opening reveals a similar fruity mix of pineapple, melon, and bergamot.

Ukiyo becomes much smokier as the day wears on, and i feel patchouli and pine limit the development of leather notes.

At the base note, Vanilla, Amber and leather combine and project with me for several hours.

Over all, Ukiyo is a good option if you enjoy the overall vibe of Creed Aventus for her but prefer some subtle leather notes.

Senorita by AIT

Senorita by AIT is a decent Aventus for Her dupe. The scent starts with a very citrusy opening and gives way to fragrant rose and sandalwood. The sweetness faded midday while the ylang-ylang base became more prominent.

This fragrance is more spicy than Creed Aventus for her. Peach remained prominent throughout wear. Senorita becomes very musky and gives off more of an older vibe then Aventus.

I recommend this one if you’re looking for a mature scent, but if you prefer something that stays fresh and youthful throughout wear, don’t go for it.

Zara Vibrant Leather for Her

Vibrant Leather took little time to develop. It has a slightly weaker opening then Aventus for her. The opening felt less citrusy to me. Possibly due to red currant note inside.

The drydown is similar to Creed Aventus for her, with deep patchouli notes and a hint of wet leather. In this fragrance, you also feel some white florals that appeared several hours earlier.

After the first spray, you knew this was a mature fragrance.

In the case of longevity. Vibrante leather only lasts for a while, and the projection is not as good as compared to Aventus. But then Zara vibrant Leather is quite affordable, and might continue to use it by layering something more robust with it.

Qasamat Rasana by Rasasi

If you’re a fan of the citrus opening in Aventus and enjoy the overall dry down experience, then consider it.

While pineapple and black currants don’t exit,the citrus opening is similar. The sweetness fades quite a bit within the first twenty minutes. 

Initially,Qasmat Rasana Rasasi is quite feminine. However,the drydown is woody,slightly smoky, and much more masculine. The longevity is very good, and the fragrance lasted me about eight hours.

Fruity Oakmoss by Dossier

Usually Dossier works very well by rebuilding scents, but I don’t think the fruity smell has been given. As soon as I sprayed it, I immediately noticed strong lemony notes that completely

overwhelmed the opening. The initial experience reminded me of kitchen cleaner, and it needed several minutes to settle before I could pick out any other notes.

In the end, I felt the hint of green apple, and while a musk note developed, it wasn’t as clean as in Aventus. I find that muskiness smells very mature and almost dirty. While the sandalwoods reminds me of Creed Aventus of her, whose appearance does little to soften the overall fragrance.

Freshness    – 60% / 100

Sweetness    – 40% / 100

Powdery     – 30% / 100

Performance – 80% / 100

Longevity    – 80% / 100

Silage        – 70% / 100

Sexy Fragrance For Women – Creed Aventus For Her

If any women wears this scent, then she definitely got a compliment, because it smells like most expensive perfume. It is not for a particular age group, this is for all age groups for women.

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Best Luxury Designer cologne of Creed Aventus For Her

Creed Aventus for Her is a luxury designer fragrance. Many brands produce luxurious fragrances, but Creed is one of the best. Creed Aventus For Her is a seductive fragrance, beacasue it is not a harsh fragrance, this is a mild powdery fragrance.


If you want citrus and powdery cologne, then definitely go for it. I know it’s a little pricey, but it’s truly amazing. If your budget allows for Creed Aventus For Her, then just go for it. If your budget is tight, then you should try colone.


Q(1) – Is Creed Aventus for her is a desginer fragrance?

Yes, this is a desginer fragrance house of Creed.

Q(2) – Best designer cologne for women?

Creed Aventus for Her is designer cologne for women.

Q(3) – Is Aventus for Her summer fragrance?

Yes, but defiantly you can wear all weather. 

Q(4) – Is Creed Aventus for Her value for money?

Yes, it is value for money i know its little bit expensive but fragrance is very luxuries.

Q(5) – Can I wear this on Date night?

Definitely you wear on the date night.

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