The Best Manly Cologne SpiceBomb Extreme Review

Hello Everyone, In today’s post, we will talk about the SpiceBomb Extreme Review. Which kind of fragrance and which kind of notes are used in this fragrance? Should you buy it or not? I have given all the answers here.

Spice Bomb Extreme was created by Carlos Benaim and Jean-Christophe Hérault. This is a famous fragrance from the house of Victor & Rolf.

Its box comes in black cardboard, which will feel like light velvet when you touch it, with strips of orange colour in the middle. Before reviewing Spice Bomb Extreme, let me tell you that it is a masculine type of fragrance.

The funny thing about this is that if you look at its bottle, it looks exactly like a bomb. If you carry it in your car, it is possible that the people sitting next to you may ask whether it is a real bomb or not.

There is no cap of any kind on this cologne bottle. Just as there is a pin in a bomb, it also has a pin.

If we talk about its sprayer, then it is a very good sprayer, a good amount of juice comes out and covers a good area.

Although it is a very old fragrance, when I applied it for the first time, I felt that I was too late because it smells really good. I can say with a claim that it will be liked by almost everyone.

Spicebomb Extreme Fragrance

This fragrance comes in an EDP version. If its fragrance has to be explained in simple language, then it is a leaner type of fragrance. Due to the leaner fragrance, there are no ups and downs in its fragrance, there is always one kind of smell.

Spicebomb Extreme Review

If you apply it in the beginning, you will get a strong smell of black pepper in it, but it will not cause sneezing because black pepper makes many people sneeze, but it is not there at all, but if you apply it, you will feel that a strong, bold fragrance is infused.

Spicebomb Extreme Notes

After half an hour, it starts smelling of tobacco, and comes off as woody. It does not smell like tobacco like hookah, or cigarettes. If there is an old-fashioned wooden door in your house, if it has a dark type, it will have exactly the same type of smell that comes when water is applied to it. When it goes into dry down, it smells of spicy vanilla.

Spicebomb Extreme Notes

If we talk about the season when I applied it in winter, its performance improved a lot because it is a spicy fragrance, so people would like to apply it more in winter season. If you have snowfall here then it is not less than a boon for you.

Its two sprays are enough, if you are wearing a coat, then you have to apply it carefully once, because even when you wash the coat, its smell will leave your coat.

Its silage is really surprising. If someone is standing 2 feet away, he will definitely know that he has applied some bold designer cologne. Talking about its longevity, it takes 8 hours on the skin and 8 hours on the clothes, and then its fragrance remains for many days until you wash the clothes.

Spicebomb Extreme Discontinued

By the way, Spicebomb Extreme Fragrance is very old, so you can find it on the e-commerce side at some places. Since it is old, you can be given fake cologne on many websites, if you want to buy it for the first time, then try its decant first because it is an expensive perfume. One of the reasons for Spicebomb Extreme being discontinued may be that it is a very old fragrance in the eyes of people, but believe me, you will not find a better bold fragrance than Spicebomb Extreme.

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Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

Spice Bomb Extreme also comes in an EDT variant which is priced at $55 on Amazon. If you wear it at a wedding, then all the people who come there will surely turn their heads because it is the first among the head-turning fragrance colognes.

Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb Extreme

Girls will not hold back from giving you compliments because its fragrance is absolutely manly. If you are a businessman, then it will define you according to your personality. It is a manly fragrance but girls can also wear it but not too much, one spray is enough for them.

Spicebomb Extreme Cologne

Many people have this question that spicy fragrances causes problems in the nose, but you will not find any such problems in Spice Bomb Extreme Cologne. Yes it is a spicy bold fragrance but when black pepper mixes with wood, a very beautiful smell comes out. You will also get sour smell along with black pepper in it but in very minor quantities, and till the end the smell of wood and black pepper will keep coming.


If you are thinking of getting a designer cologne like Black Pepper, then you can definitely try it once, but before trying it, buy The Kant so that your money is not wasted. Before reviewing Spice Bomb Extreme, I did not think that I would like it so much, It really smells great on the fragrance. If you are going on a date then your girlfriend will start looking for excuses to come near you because girls like manly fragrance in men.

FAQ SpiceBomb Extreme

Is Spice Bomb Extreme Manly is a Cologne?

Due to the presence of black pepper in it, it has a manly fragrance.

What are the top notes of Spice Bomb Extreme?

Most of the black pepper and wood notes are used in Spice Bomb Extreme.

Has Spice Bomb Extreme Discontinued?

It is very difficult to tell because the e-commerce site is still available, but many people say that it has been discontinue.

Can women use Spice Bomb Extreme cologne?

It can be applied completely but not much, just one spray of it is enough for women.

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