9 PM Cologne: The Best Sensual and Seductive Fragrance

Hello everyone, In today’s post, we will talk about 9 pm cologne. Which kind of fragrance and which kind of notes are used in this fragrance? Should you buy it or not? I have given all the answers here.

One of the finest cologne houses is Afnan, and in this house, 9pm cologne is the best fragrance. Afnan is the Middle Eastern brand. Imran Fazlni is the founder of Afnan. Afnan House was established in 2007.

Afnan Launched many colognes day by day, but 9 pm cologne is the best. Afnan 9pm was released in 2020.

The best part of this house is that all the fragrances are very similar to costly designer fragrances. If I said which Middle Eastern house brand is the best, then definitely Afnan is the best. 9 pm cologne is the designer fragrance house of Afnan.

9pm cologne

9 pm cologne review

If you like Middle Eastern perfumes, then I am sure you will like this perfume. Although the perfumes of the Middle East are a bit strong, but you have nothing to worry about. It is a sweet bubblegum fragrance, as green apple and vanilla have been used in it. Although not everyone likes sweet perfumes, it still smells like an expensive cologne.

9pm cologne review

Its smell looks exactly like something to eat. If you have ever been to a cake shop, then you must have felt that the same kind of sweet smell comes in the same way it also smells. The notes of cinnamon have been mixed very well in this, which gives it a warm feel. This fragrance is perfect for winter, you can apply it anytime in winter.

9 Pm Afnan

You cannot apply 9 Pm Afnan in the summer because it does not smell very good in the summer. The reason is that it is a very sweet perfume, and if you apply a sweet perfume in the summer, it can irritate your nose.

Many people say that it is a clone of JPG Ultra Male, but I cannot completely deny this fact. It smelled like JPG Ultra Male for a long time.

It is a sweet vanilla based perfume, so men and women can also apply it. You can apply it in the office, but it is innocent of cold, if you want to apply it in the summer, you can apply it in the air conditioner. You can go to the club by applying it because the sweet smell is mostly used in club perfumes.

Afnan 9pm Notes

Top notes are Apple, Cinnamon, White Lavender and Bergamot; middle notes are Orange Blossom and Lily-of-the-Valley; base notes are Vanila,Tonka Bean, Amber and Patchouli.

Afnan 9pm Notes

Afnan 9pm is a very sexy perfume, if you wear it on a date, your partner will definitely compliment you. Four to five sprays are enough. If we talk about its longevity, then it lasts for 6 to 7 hours comfortably on the skin and if applied on clothes, it lasts for 12 to 14 hours, sometimes you will feel it for the whole day.

Its projection is very good, it projects well for about 2 to 2.5 hours. If we talk about silage, if you are passing by a room, then the people sitting in that room will come to know that you have applied some expensive perfume. You will be surprised to know that Afnan makes very good perfumes on a very low budget, one of which is Afnan 9Pm.

Afnan 9Pm is a budget perfume that everyone can buy because, if we talk about designer colognes, they all come very expensive. So Afnan started making clones of expensive perfumes in a low budget, whereas the Afnan brand says that we do not make clone of any brands.

Afnan 9 Pm

Afnan 9Pm acts as a versatile perfume in winters, you will love its sweet, warm fragrance. Due to its lower price, it will not have much effect on your pocket.

By the way, women can also apply. If we talk about the best luxury designer summer fragrance for men, then Acqua Di Gio Profumo comes at the top.

9Pm cologne is a mature perfume, you can also get compliments from people on applying it. Being a club perfume, women like it a lot.


If we talk about conclusion, then Afnan 9Pm is the best because no other brand will give you such a good smell at such a low price and it will not disappoint you because of its versatility.

Due to the floral fragrance in it, you can apply it with mild heat. A sweet, warm and vanilla scent can be given to you by none other than 9 Pm Cologne in a budget.

If you want to get some expensive clubbing party perfume in less money, then you can definitely consider it once.

FAQ 9 Pm Cologne

Q (1) What does Afnan 9PM smell like?

AFNAN 9PM a delightful mix of sweet vanilla, warm amber, juicy fruity notes, crisp citrus, and fresh white florals. The top notes are an invigorating blend of citrus and fruit, with a hint of cinnamon adding a touch of warmth.

Q (2) Is Afnan 9PM a summer scent?

9PM cologne a dynamic scent lingering in the summer night. Enough to immediately awaken your deepest senses! The fresh notes of bergamot and cinnamon transform into orange blossoms growing warm with amber, vanilla, and patchouli.

Q (3) Who is the owner of Afnan?

Imran Fazlani is the founder, managing director and nose of Afnan Perfumes LLC. He has created a business that can challenge the market by building unique, detailed, crafted fragrances that inspire experiences through product quality and design.

Q (4) Where is Afnan 9pm made from?

Made in Dubai by Afnan, 100% authentic Afnan 9 PM Black is the perfect evening outings, in which vanilla, bitter chocolate and musk will enchant you with a delicate combination.

Q (5) How much is Afnan 9pm in America?

$ 32.99 (inc)

Q (6) What is the smell of expensive?

In some places, “expensive” might mean a floral overkill and sparkling synthetics; in others, it could be intoxicating ouds mingled with a gentle hint of rose. But not everyone is craving a return to nature. Take it from a perfume enthusiast who frankly couldn’t give a damn about the countryside.

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