Rasasi Hawas For Him: Best Seductive Fragrance

Hello Everyone, In today’s post, we will talk about Rasasi Hawas for Him . Which kind of fragrance and which kind of notes are used in this fragrance? Should you buy it or not? I have given all the answers here.

Mr. Abdul Razzak Kaleskar owns the company of Rasasi. He was founded in 1979 in Dubai and he is also the chairman of Rasasi. Rasasi has many fragrances, but one of the best luxury designer fragrances is Rasasi Hawas. It is available in two different variations is Hawas for him and second ones is hawas for her.

Hawas For Him By Rasasi Mens Fragrance

Rasasi Hawas for Him blends with Cinnamon, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Grey Amber, Cardamom and sandal wood to create an aquatic designer masculine fragrance. This fresh elegant woody fragrance combines the luxury of Italian Citrus with the fruity freshness of pear and pineapple. The main theme of this modern figure is based on aquatic elements combined with melon and violet.

Rasasi Hawas For Him

It is a mix of sandalwood, cedar wood, musk with generous ambergris. The cologne is inflected with fresh marine aromatic notes that melt into amber woods.

The juice is violet with clear decent glass bottle has a python wrapped around the stopper, while a textured python on the pack captures the sensuality of the species.

It has decent longevity if you spray on skin for eight hours or if you spray on cloth for twenty to twenty-two hours. The projection is quite amazing for two and a half hours.

If you are moving around with people, then definitely people will ask you which fragrance you wear.

Many people say this is a clone of Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua but I don’t agree with this. Sometime you feel it, if you summarise this, then you feel that both fragrances have the same DNA, but Rasasi Hawas is more powerful then Paco Rabane Invictus Aqua.

Rasasi Hawas 3.33 oz EAU De Parfum Spray For Men Stores

This is such a great fragrance that everyone will like it. A designer fragrance with a very good smell in a low budget can only give a sensual feeling.

By the way, there are other fragrances in the market, but there is none like Rasasi Hawas, no matter how much I praise it, it will prove to be less for it, because this is such a fragrance that is useful for every occasion.

Rasasi Hawas 3.33 oz EAU De Parfum Spray For Men Stores

When I was thinking about buying it for the first time, only one question came to mind that my money should not be wasted.

But in the end, after thinking a lot, I bought a decant of 12 ml. After that, I could not believe myself that its quality could be so good. That’s why I decided that I would buy its full bottle, because this is a great designer fragrance that provides mass appeal at a low budget.

If you are thinking of buying a designer fragrance for the first time, then Rasasi Hawas can be a good option. Although I do not recommend blind buying any fragrances, this can be a good option for a blind buy. But if you do not have the budget, then you can take its decant.

Rasasi Hawas For Him Notes

Top Notes : Apple, Bergamot, Lemon and Cinnamon

Middle Notes : Watery Notes, Orange Blossom ,Plum and Cardamom

Base Notes : Ambergris, Musk, Patchouli and Driftwood

Rasasi Hawas For Him Notes

The way you spray it, it will smell very aquatic fresh because orange blossom has been used in the middle note, so you will feel a slight smell of orange even in the beginning. In some fragrances, it happens that there is a smell of synthetic alcohol at the starting, but there is nothing like that in this. It will smell smooth from start to finish.

After about 1 hour, when it comes to the middle notes, it will have a fresh aquatic feel. Imagine once that you are near a beach and that cool breeze is blowing, just like that you will get the fragrance in the middle notes.

The thing about silage is totally different, if you spray it two or three times, then the person in front will be able to feel its fragrance up to 2 feet away.

The matter of base note is different, in this Rasasi Hawas, ambergris has taken its fragrance to a very high level. If you do not know the meaning of ambergris, then let me tell you that this is made from vomit of wheal. It is used in making perfume.

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You can apply it to any function, like a date, a lunch date a night party etc. Although it is a fragrance for men, if a woman wants to wear it, she can. Because fragrance is such a thing that you cannot make it for anyone, if you like cologne, then you can apply it.

If you go on a date, your girlfriend will not be able to stop herself without asking you because amergris notes increase sensual attention.


If you want to buy any Middle Eastern Designer fragrance in a low budget, then you can go for Rasasi Hawas For Him. If you have less budget than this then you can take it for decant. I will take it blindly, but before taking any fragrance, you can try its small bottle first. Your money will not be wasted on this.

Some people say this is the clone of Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua because it has violet and orange blossoms, then sweet bubblegum smell will come, so if you want clone of Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua, you can buy it.


Q (1) Is Rasasi Hawas for him is a designer fragrance?

Ans – Rasasi Hawas for him is a Middle Eastern designer fragrance from the house of Rasasi.

Q (2) What perfume is similar to Rasasi Hawas?

Ans – Lattafa Najdia EDP 100ml similar DNA with Rasasi Hawas & Paco Rabannne Invictus Aqua.

Q (3) Is Rasasi Hawas alcohol free?

Ans – Rasasi Hawas 12Ml, Real & Natural Attar, Best Attar For Men and Women, 100% Alcohol Free & Long Lasting Attar.

Q (4) Is Rasasi a luxury brand?

Ans – Rasasi fragrances are known to carry the image of elegance, luxury and quality.

Q (5) Is Rasasi Hawas for Him is a summer fragrance?

Ans – In the middle note of orange blossome that’s why you can wear it in the summer and you can also wear it in the light winter.

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